Limitations and restrictions on the use of free trial software


You can download a demonstration version of Vulcan in .ZIP form below. This allows you to examine the interface and the capabilities of the software on problems of limited size and complexity. This demonstration version of Vulcan is freely available and should enable you to see the capabilities and functionality of the software. Some of its features have been limited for security, so it is not suitable for real projects and its use for commercial work is strictly forbidden. The demonstration version is fully interfaced, but is subject to the following restrictions: 

Limits on elements: Maximum of 500 nodes
No spring elements
No shear connector elements
Limits on numbers of properties: Maximum of 1 beam material
Maximum of 3 beam section types
Maximum of 1 concrete section
Maximum of 1 concrete material
Maximum of 2 temperature curves
Maximum of 2 temperature patterns
No fire-protection schemes
Only 1 type of rebar – cannot be edited
Beam Sections:
Only 5×5 segments for cross-sections
No general cross-sections
Slab Sections: Cannot edit layer thicknesses (only evenly spaced layers allowed)
Temperature Curves: One ambient type, one linear type. Cannot be edited.
Temperature Patterns: One flange-web-flange, one bi-linear type. Cannot be edited.
Loads: Only point- or area-loads (cannot define moment- or line-loads)
Results: No save-animation of deflection results
Tools: No geometry transform (move, copy, rotate, scale)
No “Check duplicates” function
No “Remove free nodes” function
No “Refine mesh” function
No “Model generation wizard”

Using the demonstration version

Download either the 32bit or 64bit version to best suit your requirements.

Free demonstration software

Although the software is designed to be very easy to use, buyers of the full version of the software will normally undergo a short period of intensive training, and have access to technical support. The demonstration version is only intended to provide an overview and a taste of the software. However you can use the on-screen Help system for assistance and to learn something of how to use it.



















Mick Green