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Vulcan Solutions Limited (VSL) is a specialist structural fire engineering company which

Sells the structural fire engineering software, Vulcan
Provides specialist structural fire engineering consultancy
Funds academic fire engineering research and testing



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What is Structural Fire Engineering ?
Structural fire engineering is concerned with ensuring satisfactory performance of a building structure in the event of a fire.
The traditional approach has been to follow prescriptive rules, but more advanced methods based on calculation have recently been developed. These range from very simple approaches based on hand calculation or tabulated data, offering limited benefits, to sophisticated computer analysis which enables the full value of structural fire engineering to be realized.

Such approaches to modelling structural behaviour are often complemented by consideration of more realistic fire scenarios than the standard fire.

Why use Structural Fire Engineering ?
Structural fire engineering can often lead to improved construction efficiency, operation, and safety. Advanced methods can also provide a clear indication of structural behaviour in the event of a fire.
The advantages of structural fire engineering can be summarized as:
Improved safety – from a clear view of overall structural behaviour in a fire
Cost savings – by reducing or eliminating applied protection
Reduction in program – by eliminating fire protection as a site activity
Reliability – unprotected structures do not have to rely on proper application and maintenance of protection
Asset and property protection – through improved robustness of the structure in a fire
Business continuity – through improved robustness
Reduced maintenance burden – unprotected structures require less maintenance
Flexibility of design – any structural layout, detail, protection system etc can be considered

Vulcan Solutions – Fire Engineering Research

Vulcan Solutions Limited is committed to funding continued academic research and testing in structural fire engineering. For more information on historical and future research activities, please visit the University of Sheffield Structural Fire Engineering Research Group website.